MyBlogLog Tracks Outgoing Links : Where Did Your Traffic Go?

MyBlogLog enables you to track when outgoing links are clicked by your visitors. With this information, you can tune your site to be most engaging for your readers and ensure that they come back over and over. You know how your visitors get to your site; shouldn’t you know where you send them? Just add one line of javascript and it works with any blog.

Its free but if you want to track real time statistics of outgoing links with a longer list of top links or you wish to anlayze historical data with long term click trends, then try MyBlogLog Pro (which costs $3/month or $25/year.). Anyway they give all free members a week’s worth of free real-time stats in order to make sure that they’ve got the JavaScript working properly on their web sites.

Lifehacker has been using this service for sometime and now it provides a Top 5 Links module that you can add to your web site with some simple Javascript.

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1 Comment

  1. Aakash says:

    When I first saw this service on your “free blogger tools” list, I thought that it was just something that would provide you with a list of outgoing links (as Blogshares and other sites do), so I didn’t think much of this.

    But this service actually tells you which outgoing links at your site are being most clicked by your visitors?

    I shoulda had this awhile ago!…

    (How long has it been around?)

    Thanks for the heads up…

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