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traffic split

Increase Adsense CTR with Adsense Experiments

Want to earn more money with Google Adsense. Try Adsense experiments to increase Adsense CTR by finding the best ad combinations which truly ensure a higher click trough rate which can earn more money online. After officially allowing Adsense code…

adsense new design

New Google Adsense Text Ads Design

Google Adsense is testing a more elegant background design for its text ads. I spotted the new text designs on our website while displaying text ad formats and seems to be visible in several ad sizes as well. This is…

responsive adsense

New Google Adsense Responsive Ad Units

First they made the code responsive, now Google Adsense offers responsive ad units to allow best ad placement for responsive site design. There is no doubt that responsive design is the best way to display your site on multiple screen…

adsense arrows

How to Remove Arrows, Icons From Adsense Ads

Do you want to remove arrows, icons, logos, favicons, from Adsense ads? Do you want the same clean appearance of your Adsense text ads before Adsense team introduced these enhanced text ads with large gray arrows and now recently pushing…

collapse adsense unit

New Collapsible Google Adsense Ad Units

Google Adsense is testing collapsible ad units and I had an opportunity to check them out. Typically there were 4 links in the large rectangle 336×280 px ad unit. But what was unique was that only the top ad was shown…

asynchronous adsense code

Use Google Adsense Asynchronous Code for Faster Sites

Its a good idea to try the new Google Adsense asynchronous ad code for faster loading sites in which the Adsense scripts will continue to load in the background simultaneously and will not slow down loading of your web pages….

Ad inside ads

Change 300×250 Adsense Ads to 336×280 to Make More Money

It is a good idea to change all your 300x250px Google Adsense ad units to 336x280px large rectangle because an amazing feature change happened recently. You might be aware that Adsense started serving smaller image advertisements in larger ad units…

How to Modify Adsense Code for Responsive Design

Google Adsense now allows you to modify Adsense ad code to meet responsive design requirements. A lot of websites like us have switched to responsive design, which allows the same site design to adjust to varying screens size resolutions (as on…

New 970×90 Super Large Leaderboard Adsense Units

Google Adsense introduced the Super Large leaderboards ad unit measuring 970×90 px and promises to overtake the whole width of your website. It is a welcome addition to the Adsense family as large ads are popular and the new ad…

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