Happy Leap Day

Born February 29: Happy Birthday Leaplings

Hey! today is February 29. A person born on February 29 is called a Leapling. February 29 is a rare date which comes every 4 years as part of the leap year which has 366 days instead of 365 days….

AVG Internet Security 8 Released

AVG Internet Security 8.0 is the newly released security software that promises to protect you online. Powered with an Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Anti-Spam, LinkScanner and Firewall system; AVG ensures your online safety while you search or surf the net, download…

Barack Obama Following Me on Twitter!

Can you believe that Obama is following me on Twitter! As the US Presidential Elections debates continue, candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have started microblogging on Twitter. Check out @BarackObama on Twitter, with 6661 followers and following 6793 people….

Now Plants Can Twitter for Water!

Can you believe that plants can send Twitter messages when they need water! Some people devised a way your plant can twitter you anywhere in the world when it falls short of water supply… BotaniCalls is a service that opens…

Instant Blog Updates to Google Reader!

I have been noticing instant updates of our blog posts to Google Reader for over the last week. I publish and within seconds its instantly indexed on Google Reader… did they tweak the tools? Have you observed it too? The…

Top Sources of Twitter Web Traffic

Where does the Twitter web traffic come from? The US being the major source of web traffic to twitter does not surprise me, but can you guess the second country which sends huge site traffic to Twitter? I saw this…

Who Has Maximum Twitter Followers?

How many Twitter followers do you have? Twitter has become a buzz word of sorts and as everyone is rushing to grab a twitter account and start microblogging, some famous twitterers have gathered a mass following of thousands of followers….

Free Phone Calls, Voicemails On Blogs with GrandCentral

Did you know that you can receive phone calls and post voicemails right on your blog. GrandCentral, a Google service, will let you add these communication options on your blog for free! Blogger Buzz says that though GrandCentral is currently…

Firefox Crosses 500 Million Downloads: Donate Free Rice

The World’s favorite web browser has topped 500 million downloads and continues to capture the web browser market while eating away the share of the popular Internet Explorer. They are celebrating by asking you to donate free rice now. As…

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