asynchronous adsense code

Use Google Adsense Asynchronous Code for Faster Sites

Its a good idea to try the new Google Adsense asynchronous ad code for faster loading sites in which the Adsense scripts will continue to load in the background simultaneously and will not slow down loading of your web pages….

jobs movie

First Look: Jobs Movie Trailer

Get ready to watch the Jobs movie trailer, the movie based on life of Apple icon Steve Jobs which is scheduled to release in movie theaters worldwide on August 16, 2013. The first Jobs world movie trailer was released revealing…

Ad inside ads

Change 300×250 Adsense Ads to 336×280 to Make More Money

It is a good idea to change all your 300x250px Google Adsense ad units to 336x280px large rectangle because an amazing feature change happened recently. You might be aware that Adsense started serving smaller image advertisements in larger ad units…

facebook sweden

Inside New Facebook Data Center at Arctic Circle [Photos]

The new Facebook data center went live near the Arctic Circle in  Luleå, Sweden this week and promises to be a state-of-the-art centre supporting live Facebook traffic across the world. It is notably the first Facebook data centre outside the US….

cubeslam game

Play Cube Slam Game Online

Play Cube Slam game online and explore the integrated modern web technologies which take gaming to new levels. Cube Slam is a simple game which my son seems addicted to and cannot stop playing. While at first glance it seems…

google loon balloon

Google Project Loon Tests Balloon Internet in New Zealand

Google Project Loon is using Balloon powered internet access to distribute internet access to remote areas of New Zealand. The amazing new Google’s project Loon is an effort to grant internet access to everyone across the globe, wherever they are…

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