Google Glass

Grab Google Glass Invites From Your Friends

If your friend owns a  Google Glass, they have a Google Glass invite to let your you buy Google Glass of your own, if you can afford it. I instantly recall how Gmail invites went for a premium and everyone…

Font icons

How to Add Icon Font Awesome to Any Site

Can you add icon Font awesome without Twitter Bootstrap to any website and get beautiful scalable and CSS styled icons. Of course you can. I find myself using Font Awesome much more in my new website design projects. Initially I…

adsense arrows

How to Remove Arrows, Icons From Adsense Ads

Do you want to remove arrows, icons, logos, favicons, from Adsense ads? Do you want the same clean appearance of your Adsense text ads before Adsense team introduced these enhanced text ads with large gray arrows and now recently pushing…

SAR tick

Check SAR Value to Find Mobile Phone Radiation

How to check SAR value of my mobile? Does my smartphone have the SAR tick?  The SAR value is an important indicator of the amount of radiation your mobile device is emitting and your body is absorbing! It is very important…

404 page

How to Force 404 Errors in WordPress

Sometimes you have to force 404 errors in WordPress, either because the 404 pages are not properly configured, or sometimes WordPress itself or caching plugins may make 404 errors impossible. I tried to create 404 pages to fix Google penalties,…


How to Add Updated Date Markup to Articles

It is very important to add updated dates markup to your blog articles. Google and other search engines are tweaking their algorithms to favor fresh content. If you test your site on the structured data tool, it seems Updated date has become…

font awesome

How to Add Font Awesome Icons in Bootstrap Themes

We added Font Awesome icons to our Twitter Bootstrap installation. Though Glyphicons provided amazing icons, they still need to load a CSS sprite with those 160 images. How would if be if you could add an icon font to display those…


Use Twitter Bootstrap for Powerful Web Design

QOT is now powered by Twitter Bootstrap, a powerful front-end framework for powerful web design, and speedier web development. Bootstrap is made by Twitter to do some cool stuff with your website. You need to try out Bootstrap to see…

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