ok google

Use Google Voice Search On Your Desktop

It was bound to happen. Google Voice Search can now be done from your desktop and laptop without clicking any button, directly from the Chrome browser. Similar to how Google Glass users say OK Glass to activate actions, OK Google is…

quickcache new ui

Quick Cache WordPress Plugin Goes Pro, Faster, Better

My favorite WordPress caching plugin Quick Cache went Pro and got lighter and faster. It seems the  lead developer Jason Caldwell has decided to actively develop and maintain the popular caching plugin and has decided to also introduce a Pro version…

adsense yellow borders

How to Remove Yellow Border Around Adsense Ads

Have you noticed a yellow border box around Adsense Ads? We all know that Google can insert smaller size ads in bigger ad units if the Adsense smart algorithm decides that it will be a  higher paying ad. We advised…

malware comments

How to Find Malware Links From Your Site

Do you know you could be linking to malware sites from your website! Its possible a link you posted in an article year’s back is now a malware hosting site. Its also possible that of those thousands of spam comments…


Remove WordPress jQuery, Add Google CDN jQuery

How can you remove WordPress jQuery and use Google Hosted jQuery instead? Many WordPress themes require jQuery  to add cool flyouts, dropdowns and other jazzy animations. But jQuery is a big script (91KB when minimized), also a very popular JavaScript…

google wallet card

Get Your Free Google Wallet Debit Card

Its true! You can now order your very own Google Wallet Debit Card for free. Expanding the services for Google wallet in the US, now Wallet users can order their own Google wallet card and use it like any other…

scroogled tshirt

Buy Scroogled Products from Microsoft Store

The official Microsoft store is now selling Scroogled products online! As you are aware Microsoft runs the controversial Scroogled campaign which criticizes Google policies while promoting its own products. While the campaign created a huge buzz, they take it to…

traffic split

Increase Adsense CTR with Adsense Experiments

Want to earn more money with Google Adsense. Try Adsense experiments to increase Adsense CTR by finding the best ad combinations which truly ensure a higher click trough rate which can earn more money online. After officially allowing Adsense code…

twenty fourteen theme

New Default Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme

The latest Twenty  Fourteen WordPress theme is now available on blogs and is the next official default WordPress theme release for 2014. Based on modern design elements, it features a superior responsive design and brings featured images to the forefront….

flickr photo book

Create Flickr Photo Books

Now you can compile your best Flickr  photos into a high quality Flickr Photo book to showcase you best photographs and put on your coffee table. After the free 1TB storage, Flickr has at last introduced what several photo sharing…

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