chromebook charger

This Chromebook Charges with Mobile Phone Charger!

Did you know you can charge your new Chromebook 11 with a mobile phone charger. This is super as you do not need to carry a separate bulky laptop charger. It also means you can use any charger with the Micro…

simple english wikipedia

Simple English Wikipedia for Students

Have you ever read the Simple English Wikipedia? It is different from the English Wikipedia you would normally visit. Wikipedia contains in depth authoritative articles on possibly every popular topic in the world, but sometimes it is difficult for children,…

good coding practices

Code Better with Google HTML CSS Style Guide

Did you know Google has published an HTML CSS Style Guide to help new coders understand good coding practices. We all edit CSS, HTML in our blogs, but do we do it the right way? Do we know the basic…

tedx malik sisters

Key Lessons From TEDx TughlaqRd Delhi

I just came back after attending TEDx TughlaqRd, the Delhi Edition of TEDx which was held in the beautiful Indian Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi. Though this is the 3rd year TEDx is being held in New Delhi, this…

Opera Coast Browser

Download Opera Coast Web Browser for iPad, iPhone

Have you downloaded Opera Coast web browser app for iPad and iPhone –  it promises a  new way to browse and search the web. The minimal clean interface will make you wonder why you never used this browser before and continue to…

password protected pages

Add Logout Button to Password Protected WordPress Posts

Have you noticed there is no logout button or link on password protected posts in WordPress! These posts need a password for visitors to gain access, but there is no way to logout. The browser stores the cookies which lasts over…