facebook share price

1 Billion People Used Facebook On A Single Day!

The world has 7 billion people and of those 1 billion people used Facebook on a single day on 27 August 2015. It is an estimate of the popularity of Facebook which is touching the lives of billions of people,…

alphabet webpage

Now Google Part of New Company Called Alphabet!

Google has restructured its business and now Google is part of Alphabet, a new much bigger company holding multiple businesses, of which Google is just one part.  Sundar Pichai takes over a CEO of Google. Making the huge announcement, founder…

windows 10 progress

Still Waiting for Windows 10 Upgrade?

Are you still waiting for free Windows 10 upgrade to download and install on your computer? Well Windows 10 is downloading in the background as part of Windows update. Since Windows 10 is a huge 2.7 GB upgrade, the downloading…

adsense matched content

Use Adsense Matched Content for Related Posts

Did you know you can use Adsense Matched content to show related posts on your blog. Related posts and article suggestions are used by most sites to increase pageviews as users click to related articles they might like. Now Adsense…

amazon ses reports

Lessons from First Amazon SES Email Campaign

Well we sent out the first Amazon SES email campaign to all our nearly 11,000 email subscribers and lets see what the campaign reports indicate. This follows after we moved all our email lists subscribers from Feedburner / Feedblitz to…