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Nokia Phones

View All Nokia Mobile Phones in Nokia Museum

Want to see all Nokia mobile phones made till date? Nokia museum online gallery provides the best way to visualize all the mobile phones made by the once top mobile handset manufacturer Nokia. Probably you have already heard Microsoft bought Nokia…

hdmi cable

HDMI 2.0 Available Now

HDMI Forum has released HDMI Version 2.0, which promises to increase bandwidth significantly to take consumer entertainment to the next level, while extending support to tech companies to continue expanding new technology and higher end gadgets. HDMI 2.0 HDMI 2 significantly…

voice message

Send Voice Messages in WhatsApp

How can you send voice messages in WhatsApp? Well they just introduced this new feature which allows the millions of Whatsapp connected users to communicate instantly using voice messages. Another great way to keep in touch with your friends and…

Google Glass

Grab Google Glass Invites From Your Friends

If your friend owns a  Google Glass, they have a Google Glass invite to let your you buy Google Glass of your own, if you can afford it. I instantly recall how Gmail invites went for a premium and everyone…

SAR tick

Check SAR Value to Find Mobile Phone Radiation

How to check SAR value of my mobile? Does my smartphone have the SAR tick?  The SAR value is an important indicator of the amount of radiation your mobile device is emitting and your body is absorbing! It is very important…

Google glass screen

How to Know Google Glass is Taking Your Photo, Video

How can you find out if someone wearing Google glass is taking photos and videos of you, your family or your house? People are now  more concerned about their privacy, as Google glass is getting more common and it is…

xbox one

First Look: New Xbox One Gaming [Videos]

Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One, the next generation gaming console which promises to redefine modern gaming. Powered by the cloud, it will re-position itself as your all in one home entertainment system, allowing seamless switching from live TV to…

amazon coins

500 Free Amazon Coins to Kindle Fire Users

If you own a Kindle Fire in US, Amazon just deposited 500 free Amazon coins into your account. Amazon coins promise to change the way you buy Kindle Fire apps and games and even in-app purchases – and the free…

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