Add Video Comments to Blogs!

A new trend is storming the blogosphere – video comments! Though Viddler had released a wordpress plugin earlier enabling video comments, it needed a word from Techcrunch to get the… Read more »

RSS Awareness Day on May 1

How many people are aware of what RSS is? If you asked someone in India, he would probably tell you it is short for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a political organization… Read more »

Is Your Web Hosting Green?

Have you wondered how green your web hosting is? Web servers use electricity, the more popular your site the more electricity is used, and your website can have a major… Read more »

GoDaddy Declares Webmaster Day

Godaddy, a top domain name registrar, has declared April 29 as Webmasters’ Day. You can send out Greeting cards to your favorite webmaster and thank them for their untiring efforts… Read more »

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