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facebook home chat

Download Facebook Home App: Let Facebook Takeover Your Phone

Starting April 12, buy HTC First Facebook Home Phones or download Facebook Home, a new Facebook Android app which will take over your Android smartphone and get Facebook as your front page, for better social connections with your Facebook friends….

pinterest qot

How to Get Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest Web Analytics are now released and you can now check the traffic statistics of your Pinterest Boards for free. Meeting the long standing demands of Pinterest fans, they released this new feature which will give users an inside look…

top donors

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Among Most Generous Donors

Did you know that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is among the most generous donors 2012  and ranks 2nd on the Philanthropy 50, a list of the America’s top donors who donated huge sums of money to nonprofits. The…

linkedin india

Which Are Most Common First Names in India?

Do you know what the most common first names in India are? Before you read further, can you guess which are the  commonest first names for males and females in India? Though you would need a census from the Government of India…

download facebook

How to Download All Your Facebook Data

Did you know you can download Facebook data with your Facebook albums, photos, videos, wall posts and messages and save on your computer. All these years, Facebook has saved your Facebook activity and will allow you to save and download…

pizza hut perfume

100 Free Pizza Hut Perfumes for Facebook Fans

Like the fresh smell of Pizza Hut pizza? Then you will like the Eau de Pizza Hut, new Pizza Hut Perfume! Its true that Pizza Hut actually designed and created a Limited Edition perfume to distribute for free to its favorite…

facebook messenger firefox

Turn On Firefox Facebook Messenger Now

Turn on Firefox Facebook Messenger and socially interact with Facebook friends while browsing the web. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers and it just made Facebook users more happy by helping them better engage with their…

blue beanie day

Blue Beanie Day Today to Support Web Standards

Its the sixth Annual Blue Beanie Day today and people are supporting web standards by wearing a blue beanie (toque, tuque, cap) and uploading their photos across the web. I was surprised to see so many blue caps turn up on…

obama tweet

The Most Retweeted Tweet Ever!

Which is the most popular tweet? President Barack Obama won the record for the most retweeted tweet ever after wining the presidential election for the second term today. He posted “Four More Years” which has been retweeted 680,000 times and…

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