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Facebook promote

Why Your Facebook Page Sends Less Site Traffic Now

Do you get lesser Facebook post views and Facebook page traffic to your site than before. My guess is you do. Each of our Facebook page posts used to get around 1000-1400 views by our Facebook page followers around a…

fake followers

Find How Many Fake Twitter Followers You Have

Status People is a Twitter tool which will help you find fake Twitter followers for any Twitter profile in minutes! Status People allows you to enter a twitter account name and will find the number of fake followers, inactive twitter…

Facebook share price

Why Facebook Share Price Jumped 22% Today!

Facebook share price jumped by 22% today in the NASDAQ stock market to $24, and is continuing to maintain the stock price rise throughout the day. You would recall that Facebook IPO launched a few months back at $38 per…

google plus comments

Embedding Google+ Comments on Websites Needed

It is essential that Google+ launch the ability to embed Google+ comments on websites and blogs as soon as possible to enhance the reach of Google plus and take it to the next level. Facebook comments on websites worked for Facebook…

tweetmeme button

TweetMeme Buttons Converting to Twitter Buttons

All TweetMeme buttons on websites will convert to Twitter buttons in the next 24 hours! TweetMeme is closing down on October 1. TweetMeme was one of the most popular re-tweeting services before Twitter introduced its own retweet buttons.    Tweetmeme to Twitter…

New MySpace

Preview The New MySpace [Video]

MySpace has undergone an extensive redesign and you can preview the new MySpace right now in the video below and look out for some exciting new features and social media interaction like never before. Justin Timberlake, part owner of MySpace…

Facebook account deleted

Facebook Can Delete Children Accounts Under 13 Years Age

Did you know Facebook can suspend and delete Facebook accounts of children under 13 years age! Did you create Facebook accounts for your children to let them interact with your family and play Facebook games, then beware that Facebook terms…

new Twitter profile

Activate New Twitter Profile: Get Correct Header Photo Size

Activate your new Twitter profile now by choosing the correct header photo size dimensions. Twitter today introduced new Twitter profiles which allows Twitter users to add a new header photo with specific size images of 1200x600px for best results. Activate…

Famville 2 farming game

Now Play Farmville 2 Game Online on Facebook

Now get ready to play Farmville 2 game online, the next generation 3-D Facebook farming game with your Facebook friends. Zynga has launched Farmville in its new avatar with a new game interface and gameplay with a promise to build…

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