Google Analytics Traffic Tracker Opens to All

Google Analytics is the popular site traffic statistics tracker which till now was accessible to webmasters on an invitation basis. After the free initial launch, the overwhelming public response led to a closure of further new accounts, to be reopened again on an invitation basis.

The Google Analytics weblog says that now they are providing instant access to anyone interested in tracking their site traffic with Google.

“When we founded Urchin we actually had an ad-based business model where we were able to give the product away for free. It didn’t last and we eventually went with a paid model. But when our company was acquired in April 2005 we worked with Google to determine a way to give it away for free again, this time with no ads. By doing this, we’re able to give all websites — large and small — the tools you need to better serve your customers, make more money, and improve the web experience for everyone.”

I got my Google Analytics account today finally and the code is installed. I will let you know how it is working out.

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