How to Turn Off Google Buzz

So you want to turn off Google Buzz and stop sharing your updates with your friends to protect your privacy following concerns that Google Buzz has privacy flaws.

If you tried to find a way to turn off Google buzz in the settings, account information, labs, labels, buzz links – then like me, the chances are you are frustrated by now with no clear way to switch off Google Buzz.

So How to Turn Off Google Buzz? Browse down to the absolute bottom of the page in Gmail, and behold

turn off Google Buzz

Just click the button “turn off buzz“, Gmail will reload and Google buzz will dissappear.

3 comments on “How to Turn Off Google Buzz

  1. Rocky says:

    There is no option found to stop individual contact to follow you.
    Hopes everything will be all right soon.

  2. Vivek @ InfoEduTech says:

    i have turned my google buzz off because i am not able to work consistently and not able to write any article

  3. Rinaldi Syahran says:

    thanks for the information. Good info for people who use google buzz and not want it annoying you.

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