Free Google Voice Invites for US Students

Google is giving away free Google voice invites to US students. If you can provide a .edu address to prove your student status, a priority Google voice invite could be in your inbox in 24 hours!

Free Google Voice Invitation

Visit and enter an email address that that ends in .edu. Remember only one invite will be be sent per .edu email address. And as always Google Voice is currently only available in the U.S.

Use Google Voice with your existing number and get Google voicemail which is voicemail like email. Get transcribed voicemail online, low cost international calls, configure custom greetings for callers and share voicemails.

You get a new Google number and get one number for all your phones, get SMS messages via email and easily block unwanted callers, record calls and do conference calling, and hear who is calling before you pick up!

If you are not a US student, or cannot provide a .edu email address, you can request a Google Voice invite and join the waiting list. Google also offers free Google Voice Invites for US military personnel.

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